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Tina Jordahl, a former Iowa State Prada Handbags Australia and public policy graduate student who is now a market research specialist with Hospice of Central Iowa, collaborated with Lohman on the study. It analyzes data from the "Welfare, Children and Families: A Three City Study" a six year longitudinal investigation of low income families living in Boston, Chicago and San Antonio. Their paper, titled "A biological analysis of risk and protective factors associated with early sexual intercourse of young adolescents," was posted online in the Prada and Youth Services Review and will be published in an upcoming issue of the journal.

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Interview data for the study was first collected in 1999 on youth Prada Outlet Australia the ages of 10 and 14, and again in 2001. Lohman says she also has data collected in 2006 from the same subjects, who were between 16 and 20 by that time.

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Recent national research has found that 13 percent of girls and 15 percent of Cheap Prada Bags have had sex by the time they're 16. Lohman says that means the rate of sex among her low income sample is only slightly higher among the girls, but almost double among the boys